3D Printing

Rapidly manufacture your design with speed and precision in a variety of colours, textures, and materials

Choosing a material

We use Prusa i3 MK3s / MK4 with a precision of 0.2mm and a print volume of 250 x 210 x 220 mm. Larger models may be printed in multiple parts and joined together.


  • PLA: Rigid and compostable at end-of-life. Not suitable for outdoor use, food, or hot environments

  • PET/PET-G: Flexible and food safe, suitable for higher temperatures

  • ABS: a tough rigid material used in industrial and equipment applications

  • Other filaments available on request

Colours and finishes:

  • Choose a unique finish with smooth, satin, and textured plates

  • Solid and transparent colours, including white, black, silver, red, blue, green, orange, clear, and more